Automation for Jira rules migration

Hello all,

Currently we are considering migrate rules created by Automation for Jira from/to different Jira server instances.
From what I’ve learnt that there are already a feature request about migrating Automation rules([\]([AUTO-325] Support the Migration of Automation Rules from Jira Automation - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products.)) and exposing REST APIs to manage Automation rules([\]([AUTO-51] Official REST API to manage rules - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products.)). But we need the feature request now, so there are two workarounds we are considering, I am wondering if they are possible:

  1. We develop a plugin to migrate Automation rules. So does Automation for Jira has exposed some Java API for us to develop a plugin to migrate rules? I’ve found a package com.atlassian.plugin.automation.automation-thirdparty-api but I cannot find the doc so I don’t know whether this package works.
  2. Currently Automation for Jira has export and import function, we could know the REST APIs called from browser’s developer tool, can we directly call this API and is there any documentation about those two export and import REST APIs?

Yaoqi Huang