Automation for Jira via REST API


Is it possible to create, update, delete automation rules via the api - Jira Automation | Atlassian OR any kind of interaction via the REST API with Automation for Jira?

Our goal is to try standardise the way processes, workflows, etc work across the Jira cloud site.

Any help, feedback, resources will be appreciated.

Thank you


Hi all. I wonder if anyone has feedback or are facing the same on this?

Hi there, again any focus or attention this please? Thank you


I confirm that other people want what you are asking:

Which caused one of the Automation for Jira founders to open an issue:

Please watch, vote, and comment.


Thank you @ibuchanan - it is a little confusing but thanks for that reply. I think the idea is to ensure that newly created projects have existing rules applied to them, instead of newly created ones. is that possible? i.e. we create a project via REST API and then want to link specifc existing rules.

Hi there. Any update on this … I cannot seem to comment on that post. Thank you