Automation rules get display values from nfeed field

I need to create new ticket on Automation rules, but when I get the custom field from Element Connects that’s from Json file formatted as:

“Department”: [
{“id” : “11”, “division_id”: “1”, “department_name”: “Talent”},
{“id” : “12”, “division_id”: “1”, “department_name”: “Staffing”},
{“id” : “13”, “division_id”: “1”, “department_name”: “SLG”},

I tried to {{triggerIssue.customfield_14727.getAsJsonData.toString()}}

or {{triggerIssue.customfield_14727.getAsString()}}

and so on …

But I can’t get the department_name, It only showed the ID.

Please help me with this case!

Many thanks,