Availability of new Forge Log Experience

Hey there,

Some of our Forge apps have the new Forge Log experience available, which is great.

Other apps still show the old log view in the Developer Console. It is unclear to us when the new functionality becomes available. The documentation mentions that apps must run under a new “Forge runtime” to get this feature. It is unclear to me what that means. It can not be about the upcoming Node runtime because we have apps with the new log experience that don’t use the new Node runtime.

Updating the @forge packages and triggering a “forge deploy” didn’t help.

Here is the ID of one affected app that is stuck on the old view: 66b1fd9b-1ae2-4a4f-8bd8-a1ccb1ba82ad

So, How can we enable this feature reliably? :thinking:




Hello Julian,
Work is in progress to enable the new features for all apps, and we hope to provide a solution soon.

We have also conducted an investigation regarding the possibility of enabling the new interface for the provided app Id. Unfortunately, based on our findings, we are unable to do so due to two reasons:

  • Release Date: The app was released before December 2022.
  • Version Discrepancies: Although there have been upgrades since then, not all installations are on the latest version.

I hope this information helps! Please feel free to reach out if you have any further concerns. :slight_smile:

@SamikshaShankarDhabe Thank you for looking into this! So, as far as I can oversee this, we cannot resolve this issue on our side, as we can not force customers to update the Forge app.

I appreciate your help. :+1: