Average Time in Status widget to many statuses

Hi, my company has generated about 150 statuses across different projects and boards. So when I want to select what “Statuses” to include in the widget it becomes quit impossible to find the correct one. Is there a way to only show statuses from selected project or board

NB: Name of the widget I am trying to recreate is the. “Average Time in Status”

Hello @benjaminnese

You’ve tagged your question as relating to Forge development, but your question seems to be about how to use widgets in Jira.

If you have general “How do I use Jira” questions, they are best posted in the Jira Questions section of the public forum.

Hi, I am working on Forge app to solve the issue. But was wondering if there might be a simpler way or some guidelines how to solve it with a Forge Widget app

You’ll want: