Avoid error Message due to timeout

Hi there,

in my app issues are created from a modal dialog in Jira. This is working fine for approximately 10 Issues together. If I have more, I often get this error

I know it is related to the timeout of forge app invocation which is currently at 10s. I already run all requests for issue creation concurrently, but still couldn’t avoid this to happen. The issues are also created correctly in background but this message to the user implies that it went wrong.
Does anybody know a way to display a different message if this happens? Maybe something to catch this timeout and display a dialog which informs the users that the app ran into a timeout but the issues are still created?
Or is there a way to display the successful start of the operation to the users leaving the actual issue creation in background? This would mean to return something on the dialog before the requests for issue creation have actually finished. Maybe this is only possible with custom UI, but I am currently only use UI Kit.