AWS AppFlow Jira connector creation through AWS CLI

AWS AppFlow has a connector to Jira Cloud which allows to pull Jira issues into AWS.

Question: What would be an example of AWS CLI command to setup a connector profile with source of Jira Cloud and to create a AWS Appflow using that connector profile? Destination is irrelevant, it could be simple S3 bucket.

Success criteria: Given the AWS CLI command (barring any small change like changing URL to Jira instance, environment specific clientid/secret) running it will create Jira Cloud connector profile and App Flow from the AWS CLI command line.

Want to note that Jira Connector for AWS AppFlow is written and maintained by Atlassian so I figured the writers of the connectors should know best :slight_smile:

What was tried: setup of Jira Connector through UI AWS Console works great. However this is not great for a business scenario when required to have Infrastructure-as-Code.

I have been reading and experimenting with setting up the same AppFlow from UI through the AWS CLI (and Terraform) Currently focusing on AWS CLI as Terraform AWS provider support for AppFlow brings its own set of complications it seems and CLI seems to be simpler choice.

See question. :point_up_2:

The main point I am interested to see documented is the OAuth AppFlow setup to the source (Jira)
Being CustomConnector type settings or “built-in” connector settings, apiversion, authCode retrieval etc.

In the AWS CLI docs there are enumerations for SalesForce, Microsoft etc. But Jira Cloud documentation seems to be sorely missing.

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In short, Atlassians won’t know about AWS AppFlow. Have you also asked AWS for help on this question?

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