AWS Cloud Formation Template - Hardcode RDS Endpoint

Hello first post here as in a bit of a pickle.

I created a jira stack and forgot to make the DB encrypted. So I then created a new DB and manually pointed it to the encrypted db.

Now obviously because this was a manual change the cloud formation template is wrong so new nodes won’t spin up properly.

Atlassian support suggested changing the line 1146 in quickstart-jira-dc.template.yaml

  • !Sub [“ATL_JDBC_URL=jdbc:postgresql://${DBEndpointPort}/jiradb?targetServerType=master”, { DBEndpointPort: !GetAtt DB.Outputs.RDSEndPointPort }]

I changed this line and updated just that yaml file and replaced it in the stack. The stack template shows the change made, however, when a new node fires up the dbconfig.xml still shows the old database endpoint.

What am I doing wrong when trying to force this DB to be configured correctly and parsed in to the dbconfig.xml?

Thank you for any assistance, it’s a really urgent one (for me) as it’s a production environment.