Bamboo Data Center Apps Program coming soon

As Bamboo Data Center (8.0) has been released, we would like to inform you that the Data Center Apps Program for Bamboo starts this quarter.

How long does it take?

We are going to start the program in Q3 2021 with certification registration and architectural review. The program will be launched gradually through Q4 2021 (cohorts of apps will be certified on a rolling basis).

Will Server apps continue to work with Bamboo DC?

Bamboo Server applications will continue to work with Bamboo DC 8.0 until the certification process is implemented as we want to make sure all vendors have time to certify their apps.

What’s involved in the Bamboo DC certification process?

The certification process will be fundamentally similar to other Atlassian DC products, however more lightweight. It will consist of two main steps:

  • architectural review of your application done by filling out a questionnaire
  • performance testing of your application done by Atlassian DC Apps Team

The architectural review questionnaire will be available in the upcoming weeks.

What technical differences will I need to prepare for in later versions of Bamboo DC?

We will be working towards building a fully active-active highly available solution and the architectural changes in later versions will break compatibility with Server apps.

How can I prepare for it now?

Please note that for now, any state on the filesystem should be put on shared part of Bamboo home, as otherwise Bamboo node can potentially die and switch to another node.


@MartynaWojtas thanks for sharing this!

Do I read this correctly that Atlassian Marketplace Partners with Bamboo apps do not have to sign up for certification, but that the DC approval team will be going through all Bamboo apps and reach out to us?

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