Bamboo Data Center Apps Program launch

Hi Developer Community,

With Bamboo 8.1, we are officially launching the first phase of DC Apps Program for Bamboo, so your Bamboo apps can be approved for Data Center customers. You can now submit your app for review by raising a ticket at Bamboo DC App Review and run performance testing using our toolkit DCAPT version 6.0.0, that supports Bamboo. More information can be found in the user guide: Data Center App Performance Toolkit User Guide For Bamboo.

In the second phase of DC Apps Program for Bamboo, early next year, we will provide you with tooling that will allow for quick set up of Bamboo instance and agents, as well as for environment provisioning - Helm charts and Terraform will make it possible to efficiently deploy Bamboo into a Kubernetes cluster. If you don’t want to wait for the GA, you can use the beta version of Terraform for Bamboo, that will be released at the beginning of January.

As certification of the apps may take a while, Server apps will continue to run with Bamboo Data Center (UPM will warn about the incompatibility, yet the Server app will work).

In case of any issues with the Bamboo apps reviews or the approval submission, please let us know in your DCHELP ticket. In case of technical questions, issues or problems with DC Apps Performance Toolkit, contact us for support in the community Slack #data-center-app-performance-toolkit channel.

If you are new to Data Center apps program, please check out the documentation: Developing apps for Atlassian Data Center products.

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