Bamboo : how to wait for a task to finish

I have a plugin with a task which create a java object, which I want to display on the build result. I managed to write to the database using Bandana in my task, but when I run the build, it does not work since the dataprovider is executed before the task writes to the database. How can I tell the dataProvider to wait for a task to finish ?

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Rather than using a DataProvider could you use a rest api and fetch the data, sure polling is not great but it could work.

Why not just use the Post-Build Completed Action Module?

I added a condition to not display the webpanel if database is empty, and it just worked.

	 * Determine whether the web fragment should be displayed
	 * @param context The optional map of parameters specified in XML.
	 * @return true if the user should see the fragment, false otherwise
	public boolean shouldDisplay(Map<String, Object> context) {
		return bm.getValue(CTX, "key") != null;
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