Bamboo LDAP integration

I’m going through the process of setting up LDAP authorization for Birbucket, JIRA and Bamboo server apps.

Both Bitbucket and JIRA allow you to configure this in the admin settings, but apparently Bamboo only allows this to be configured via editing config files.

Is this something that is going to be supported in the admin settings in the future or am I always going to have to go into the server and manually edit files for LDAP configuration?

Why do the other apps have it in the admin and Bamboo requires manual editing of files?

Just curious if anyone knows what the deal is here… seems inconsistent.


You’re probably best off asking this question over at (or the future replacement of it). This forum is geared towards the development of things around Atlassian (addons for the products mostly). Now you can probably make a case here to get an add-on vendor to build an add-on to do the configuration screen though. :slight_smile: .

I did look at and [BAM-1174] UI configurable LDAP integration - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products. is probably the issue to comment/watch.

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I think the reason why the Bamboo team never bothered to create that feature is because most customers will also have either JIRA or Confluence installed who can act as a “crowd” server. Simply connect JIRA to LDAP and Bamboo to JIRA and you’re good to go!

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Didn’t realize I could just use the authorization from JIRA… i’ll probably go that route, thanks!