Bamboo Plugin error only on Remote "Could not execute task no Plugin with key is installed"

Hello Team,

We are developing a bamboo plugin for post deployment, we have developed many plugins in the past and never faced the similar issue.

We are seeing

Could not execute task  no Plugin with key 'xxxx' is installed.

The plugin works fine locally as well on the trial docker container but fails when we try to use it on our bamboo remote installation.

Bamboo version on Remote: Version 7.2.3 build 70210

Can you please give us some pointers on what might be causing this issue? We have already checked the running logs and it doesn’t give us any errors around the same.
We are out of ideas on this one.


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Managed to solve this problem as following:

  1. This error wont show up with local agents, but only with remote agents. So instead of testing using atlassian-sdk, i debugged it locally using bamboo server and agent docker images.
  2. The issue is with the dependency ApplicationProperties, i wasnt using this, but it comes by default when we generate the atlassian plugin skeleton.
    Its strange cause this error shouldnt be there with the blank skeleton.
  3. I deleted the file altogether.
  4. It worked.

I feel like its a hacky way of doing it, i really dont understand what might have caused it. Would be great if someone from atlassian can answer?