Bamboo: set same deployment environment for a set of plan branches

This my scenario:
I provide a service which is composed by 7 apps. Each one of these apps is stored in one Git repository. When I develop a new feature for my “service” it means that I have to create a develop branch in each repository.
As Bamboo is designed, I had to create 7 Build plans. When I create a new feature, one “develop” branch is created in each repository and, also, its corresponding plan branch in each bamboo build plan. So far so good.
The problem comes in Bamboo when deployment environments are involved. I want to select a TEST environment for this new set of branches. As bamboo is designed, I have to go by each of the Deployment project one by one and
click on the (test) environment that I want to use for this project
go to the triggers that activate the deployment in this environment
select the precise plan branch that will be deployed
this is too tedious for me, so my question (and conclusion of this) is:
Am I missing something/some other way of achieving this (this = a better or more automatic way of assigning the same deployment environment for a set of deployment projects)?