Base64 Encoded Fonts aren't loading due to CORS blocking the resource

Hi, first time playing around with Forge so all of this is quite new to me. I’m currently in the process of building a customized Calendar utilizing FullCalendar alongside Bootstrap. By default, FullCalendar provides you with a previous/next button to navigate through months - however the icons for those buttons aren’t loading properly. The error I get is as follows

2023-01-23 16_37_32

I encountered similar issues trying to get FullCalendar to load properly, however I found the Permissions page in the documentation where-in I gave permission for scripts/styles to be loaded in. I can’t seem to find something like that for fonts that aren’t directly coming from its own stylesheet link, as you can see here the fonts in question are an encoded SVG image that’s part of the default FullCalendar package.