Basic Authentication not working in custom sites

Hello Team,

I was trying to fetch the Jira data using the REST API. When I pass the Authentication as basic and encoded username and password ( mailID:Password ), I am not being authorized. I got to know that the basic auth is been deprecated from one of the articles, but as a further step, I am unable to get the option to generate the API token as mentioned in the FAQ docs, as I don’t have the flexibility to generate one from the custom URL (https:/myLink/) registered under JIRA, please let me know as to how to proceed?



I suppose you are talking for cloud environment. Since user/password basic auth works on server and datacenter and there is no option for api token. For cloud you can generate the api token in this url: Atlassian account

I hope this helps you.


Welcome to the Atlassian developer community, @Harshitha.

I can deduce that you are using Jira Server or Data Center, not Jira Cloud, because there is an outstanding feature request for custom domains for Jira Cloud. It’s important to pay attention to the difference because the REST API endpoints and authentication mechanisms are different enough to cause problems.

With that information, you should be able to continue to use basic auth. Per our community suggestions, additional details about the request and any error messages you receive would help everyone provide you better advice.

In addition to simple username/password, recent versions of Jira support Personal Access Tokens. These offer better security (because they can be revoked without disrupting user login) and are easier (because they are simply passed as a Bearer token in the Authorization header.

@InigoGonzalez, thanks for jumping in. I guess we cross-posted. But I don’t think it can be Jira Cloud if there is a custom domain. My theory is that @Harshitha is using Server/Data Center; hence, does not have an Atlassian account.

I’m willing to be wrong, but it looks like the only way to know is to get some additional details about the problem.