BB Cloud Oauth implicit grant method stopped working in electron app

I was using BB Cloud’s Oauth implicit grant method in my electron app for authenticating app to fetch the details of my repositories.

It stopped working recently.

Reference link of implicit grant method Bitbucket

I noticed that even if I directly open login page in app browser its not working.

Here is the code example:

let win = new remote.BrowserWindow({ width: 800, height: 600, show:false, webPreferences: {sandbox: true, }});

win.loadURL(''); // even this is not working

Just to elaborate more on to investigation I did
there is a redirect happens for authorization when you try to open{client_id}&response_type=token

it redirects to Something like below{client_id}%2526response_type%253Dtoken%26redirectCount%3D1

Now this redirection was working before and the loading of login page was working before, but it stopped suddenly in Feb’23.

I am seeing this in app browser

My question is that, is this not supported anymore into in-app browsers? Has there any change happened on

I am seeking ways to mitigate it, by maintaining same user experience.

I haven’t tried, but I think the workaround is to navigate user to the actual browser instead of in-app browser to authorize (where is not restricted and works) and then via redirect url (via auth customer configuration in Bitbucket), return the user back to the app to authenticate the app for further processing.

But is there any way to maintain the same user experience(not navigating user to outside browser) by changing any configuration anywhere?

Hope it describes the situation. :slight_smile: