Best approach for developing 2 Factor Authentication Plugin

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First of all: P2 vs. Connect
As Frank mentioned here “Using Atlassian Connect is not sufficient enough as you can by-pass requests.”. Is this 2 years after still an issue? Or just inseparable part of the design of Connect?

As I’m planning to use third party applications like Google Authenticaor, is there anything speaking against using the rfc6238 standard? Are there better/more secure approaches since?

The general design approach would be a servlet-like filter that blocks all requests until a correct OTP for the user is entered. Is there something wrong with that?

If you know any useful literatur about this topic in general, please feel free to post your information under this question here! =)

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Hi @fiedlermarius,

Simply put, it is not possible to implement custom authentication for Atlassian Cloud applications. Among other reasons, Atlassian has a shared authentication layer for our cloud services called Atlassian account, so JIRA Cloud does not even have APIs that you could extend. Additionally, you should expect that we will expand native support for 2FA from Bitbucket to the rest of Atlassian Cloud in the near future.

So hopefully that’s enough to guide you towards building a P2 plugin for JIRA Server.


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In general - Atlassian Connect is built with the basic idea that the add-on shouldn’t be able to mess up the delivery of the content to the end user. :frowning: Just in case some add-on developers decide to have too much fun (looks around - not me, I would never do anything :slight_smile: ).


Me neither. I would never do such a thing :innocent:

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