Best way to learn how to develop for Jira?

I’ve recently been fortunate enough to be hired with a small shop whose bread and butter is Jira plugins, namely Jira server. My background is in web development and I’m trying to figure out where to begin. Generally speaking, I know that I’ll need to understand Java. Beyond that, I’ve followed some of the tutorials but found them a bit dated and also somewhat bare as far as what they had on offer. Can anyone suggest some other starting points or pre-existing resources online for learning Jira Development?

I don’t think you’ve found guides that are really outdated because the basic principles don’t change over the years.

A plugin, in most cases, is simply a set of modules (or even a single module) that is written in Java and possibly using the Jira Java API. There are some related topics that are good to know, such as Maven, OSGi, etc. But I have not come across a sufficiently comprehensive tutorial or course that covers all these topics at the same time. Maybe a good way to start is Jobin Curuvilla’s JIRA Development Cookbook.

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Most of the official stuff has been a real hassle thus far to even get going. There’s a lot of issues way beyond my understanding, mainly centered around stuff regarding versions and dependencies of different stuff at play. Not a huge deal but basically every tutorial I did today required some of that and in most cases the juice wasn’t worth the squeeze. I’m also fairly new to programming in general so can attribute some of it to my own ignorance. Thanks for sharing that resource