Bitbucket 7.11: removal of "bitbucket.internal.dashboard.pull-request.table-column.after"


I’ve just noticed that since Bitbucket 7.11 with the pull request dashboard overhaul, the (internal) API to add custom (app-provided) columns to the pull request dashboard has been removed:

<client-web-section key="mykey" location="bitbucket.internal.dashboard.pull-request.table-column.after" weight="0">
    <label key="">My Column</label>
    <tooltip key="">My Column Description</tooltip>

I’m aware that this was internal API, but are there plans to remove the possibility to extend other Bitbucket lists (like the PR list with bitbucket.pull-request.table-column.after and the meta-data-provider <pull-request-property-provider>) with app-provided data as well? Do you have plans to provide other ways to extend the pull request dashboard?

Please notice that adding additional data to existing lists is used heavily in our apps, and we would therefore like to make the Bitbucket team aware of this.



Hi @michael.rueegg,

Thank you for your question. As you mentioned, the client-web-section location you were targeting was purely internal, which is why we were able to remove it without providing a replacement solution in Bitbucket Server 7.11.

However we do understand your requirement, and I raised the following suggestion issue in our public backlog: BSERV-12822 - Allow client-side extensions to plug into the dashboard’s pull request table rows.

You may vote for this suggestion to increase its visibility to our product management team.

Please note that, if implemented, the new solution would be using the new front-end plugin system that we have introduced in Bitbucket Server 7.0 on the pull request page: Client-side Extensions.

Please don’t hesitate to comment on the above suggestion to add details regarding your application’s use-case.

Matthieu Di Berardino
Bitbucket Server Developer

Hi @matthieu.diberardino

Thanks a lot for the feedback, this is much appreciated. I’ve just commented and voted for the feature suggestion.

Best regards,