[Bitbucket 7] Plugin with popup on the Overview tab

Hi there!
I have the plugin on my Bitbucket 6. It contains a button on the Overview tab in PR, which opens a popup. It is configured in client-web-panel, which uses the “soy” file as a template (and the popup is created as “aui-dialog2” class in that “soy”).
After migration to Bitbucket 7, the client-web-panel is no longer supported. I used your template to create a button (with “ButtonExtension.factory…”), and all is ok, but further, I have no idea how to connect it with my old “aui-dialog2” popup. Do you have any examples of a button that opens a popup on the Overview tab on Bitbucket 7.0? Maybe examples of code migration from “client-web-panel”?

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Hi @SerhiiOnkov, If the extension location supports modal type, then you can try looking at this code example for the ModalExtension:


The container element is a DOM node where you can render your HTML elements. The container DOM node is the modal’s content, so you don’t need to use AUI Dialgo2 for that.

Some links:

Maciej Adamczak
Atlassian Developer


Thank you, Maciej, it helped me. Nonetheless, the scope of migration looks much bigger than I thought at first.