Bitbucket 8 serious regressions with command handling (the mesh sidecar)

We recently updated our application to support Bitbucket 8 and encountered a number of serious bugs around Command Input/Output handling when running external commands. These are all nondeterministic or difficult to observe directly: a race condition, missing exceptions, and hanging I/O threads. The regressions are almost certainly due to the new the Bitbucket Mesh sidecar, which hosts external commands in a new process.

Just creating this thread for awareness of other marketplace vendors working on Bitbucket 8 support. Given the severity and subtlety of these issues, we are recommending to all our customers to stay on Bitbucket 7 until they’re addressed.

Here are the specific bug reports:


Hi @George-Soteri ,

Thanks for creating this thread to inform the other partners!

I was just passing by and I wanted to mention that all the 3 bug tickets have already been fixed in versions: 8.0.2, 8.1.2, 8.2.1, 8.3.0



For general awareness – some of the fixes to the issues above have introduced new issues with command handling:

Also, BSERV-13350 was only partially fixed – it’s still possible for Bitbucket to eat exceptions, if they’re thrown after git exits while the output handler is still working: