Bitbucket API token error

As per the e-mail that Atlassian sent me, I went to this page about changing to use tokens for API calls.

I have successfully implemented using a token for Jira, but, as per this page, I am having an issue with the Bitbucket API. In Postman, if I try a Bitbucket API call and use the token in the Password field, I get a “401 Unauthorized” error, whereas if I use the token in the Bearer field, I get the message below

Just to confirm, this token has just been created and never used.

So firstly, should the token be used in place of Password (as I’m doing with Jira) or as Bearer?

Secondly, why isn’t it working successfully?


I raised this as a support ticket with Atlassian and they helped me resolve it.

In case others have the same issue, I was using my Bitbucket e-mail address in the username field (as I do for Jira), but it required my Bitbucket username. Using the Bitbucket username and the generated App Password, I am now able to successfully call the API