Bitbucket Cloud Apps Config Page (configurePage) Conflicts

We discovered that if our apps have a config page (configurePage), then only the panel of the app which is longer installed shows up. This are apps installed directly for the URL. Not sure the issue exists with Market-Place installs, as we didn’t release these Config Page’s yet.


  1. Install the first app. For example:
  2. Refresh the admin page: The app’s config page shows up:
  3. Install another app: For example:
  4. Refresh the admin page: The newly installed app’s config page does not show up!:
  5. If we go back and uninstall the first app (Checklist Buddy), then the Code Owners config panel does show up:
  6. If you install the first app again, then its config panel is missing:

Summary: Only one Config Page at a time is shown, even if there are multiple apps. It seems that the Config Page of the app which was installed first is shown.

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Hi @RomanStoffel,

Try the adminPages module instead of the configurePage:

"modules": {
   "adminPages": [{
               "value":"My admin page"

I hope this helps?


@JeroenDeRaedt From the first experiments, that seems to work as a work around.

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Hi @JeroenDeRaedt ,

Thanks for sharing a work-around. I would like to know if this is a bug that we as a developer community need to be aware of?

  1. Have you reproduced the problem
  2. If so, can you please share your findings here and also the BCLOUD ticket to track.

Thanks for your help. Best, Ulrich

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Hi @UlrichKuhnhardtIzym1 and @RomanStoffel

We’ve identified the issue, and this morning we rolled out the fix for the issue. You should now be able to see all installed apps Configure Page in the Workspace Settings UI.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention,

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