Bitbucket create issue webhook does not trigger correctly when a Jira project is linked

I’m building an integration with Bitbucket Cloud. I have configured a webhook for issue created events with a callback URL. The callback URL is correctly called when I’m using Bitbucket’s issue tracker. When a Jira project is linked, the callback URL is ignored and the endpoint /jira/webhooks/jira:issue_created is called instead.

Can anyone shed some light on this?


Hi @f.demir,

In Bitbucket Cloud, all the webhook triggers part of the Issue subset (Event payloads | Bitbucket Cloud | Atlassian Support) only apply to the issues in the built-in issue tracker (

When Bitbucket is integrated with Jira, the Bitbucket triggers will not fire as the issue is created in Jira directly. As you correctly shared, the Jira triggers will be called instead.

If the integration that you are building will be used for Bitbucket repositories using both the built-in issue tracker and the linked Jira project, then the logic needs to be implemented in both Jira and Bitbucket.