Bitbucket hook configuration with soy checkboxes does not work in Firefox

We have a soy file in our custom Bitbucket add-on.

It basically contains 3 checkboxes defining what configuration is used for the custom hook.

Checking any checkbox in firefox does not get saved.

In Internet Explorer this works just fine.
We can even view the result in Firefox. When saving there all checkboxes turn blank again.

When inspecting the request there is no json body. Somehow the checkboxes are not being translated in as boolean values as they should be.

Any ideas how to improve this? I couldn’t find an up-to-date example for this

{namespace plugin.puppetvalidation}
 * Layout for the options form
 * @param config
{template .formContents}
   {call aui.form.form}
       {param action: '' /}
       {param content}
             {call aui.form.checkboxField}
             {param legendContent: 'Validation' /}
              {param fields: [[
                  'id': 'validationEnabled',
                  'labelText': 'Enable Puppet validation',
                  'isChecked': $config['validationEnabled']
                  ]] /}
              {param descriptionText: 'The push will be rejected if validation fails.' /}
          {call aui.form.checkboxField}
             {param legendContent: 'Linting' /}
              {param fields: [[
                  'id': 'lintEnabled',
                  'labelText': 'Enable Puppet linting',
                  'isChecked': $config['lintEnabled']
                  ]] /}
              {param descriptionText: 'The push will be rejected if linting fails.' /}
          {call aui.form.checkboxField}
             {param legendContent: 'Linting' /}
              {param fields: [[
                  'id': 'yamlLintEnabled',
                  'labelText': 'Enable linting on yaml files',
                  'isChecked': $config['yamlLintEnabled']
                  ]] /}
              {param descriptionText: 'The push will be rejected if linting fails on yaml files.' /}

I am facing the same issue on Confluence, how did you end-up fixing the issue ?

Hi Florian

Yes I was able to solve this and forgot to update my question on this community.
I updated the gson dependency to a recent version in my pom.xml