Bitbucket pipelines does not seem to support more than 2 mysql databases

I have an application that uses 3 different mysql connections. When the tests run, the build seems to pass when I use up to two connections. They fail (without showing a proper error log) when I try to use 3 connections.

The mysql service start command in the YAML file for pipelines looks like this

sudo service mysql start && mysql -e create DB1 && mysql -e CREATE DB2 && mysql -e CREATE DB3

Special note - We run our tests in parallel by spinning up 4 docker containers.

Does anyone have any insights on why this might be happening?

Not sure but why this is happening but I will look into it. What docker image are you using?

Hi @scallahan, we were able to get the pipeline to work with 3 different mysql databases. Not very sure how it started working, but we are good for now.


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