Bitbucket server adds group from ADFS user even though 'Update group memberships' is set to 'for newly added users only'

I use a LDAP server and log in a not just created user (doesn’t log in for the first time). It has a group set on the LDAP server, which he hasn’t on Bitbucket. The settings of the LDAP directory entry in Bitbucket is

“Update group memberships when logging in” is set to “For newly updated users only” (Advanced settings)

In Jira and Confluence it works as expected. The group is not assigned. In Bitbucket it is assigned. Does anyone know something about this case?

And additionally Bitbucket also fails sometimes with the first login after user creation in this setting (add group on user creation). It returns a 500 error page.

I’m using Bitbucket 5.8.0 Server and MS AD directory server.


Are you using some kind of app for Bitbucket or writing your own?
If not and this is an issue you are facing when using Bitbucket as an admin or regular user then I would recommend going to our User Community and restate your question.

This community is focussed on developers building apps on top of our products (one of which is Bitbucket Server) and not on the usage of our products.

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Hi Peter,

We are developing a single-sign-on plugin and I have this case with an automated test, that fails with Bitbucket, but not with Jira and Confluence.

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Thanks for the clarification

I’m reaching out to our team to see if they can help you out.