Bitbucket Server REST API Browser not working from atlas-run-standalone

I just started a Bitbucket server instance atlas-run-standalone --product bitbucket and I’m looking into developing an app that uses the REST API.

The problem I’m facing now is that when going to the REST API Browser nothing is showed there.


I am logged in as admin. Any idea what’s wrong? how do I get that working?

Hi @DanielAnechitoaie – so, I don’t know why the default REST API Browser version (3.1.3) from atlas-run-standalone that’s installed isn’t working properly; however, I do have a fix.

  1. Download the latest version (3.2.2 as of this post) from the Marketplace
  2. Go to Mange Add-ons
  3. Uninstall REST API Browser
  4. Click Upload App
  5. Select the JAR file you downloaded above.

Viola – head to the REST API Browser and you should see methods.

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Thanks. Updating the add-on solved the issue.

Sweet. I’ve pinged the team that works on the Atlassian SDK to see what can be done about updating the version for REST API Browser in the build files.

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