Bitbucket user provisioning APIs


I work on the Identity Provider product development team and we are developing an integration for Bitbucket user provisioning. I am referring to the BitBucket API documentation here but didn’t find suitable answers:

  1. V1 APIs:

  2. V2 APIs:

I tried to find rest APIs to manage bitbucket user provisioning including:

  1. create user

  2. update user

  3. get user

  4. get users

  5. enable/disable user

  6. delete user

  7. group/role membership for the user

Can you please suggest how can I get a list of all the APIs? Any documentation will be really helpful.
Also, I have question related how currently user management happen in bitbucket?

Thank you!

@MinalNarsale welcome to the Atlassian developer community,

I would recommend having a look at how Atlassian thinks about user provisioning generally. Then I think it will make more sense why there are Atlassian-wide user provisioning APIs. As someone working with an IdP, you should find SCIM an appropriate fit with your needs.