Board api doesn't return members on cards

Hi there,
i’m trying to do the following request,due,labels,name,cover,url,idList,idMembers&card_members=true&card_member_fields=fullName

With this request, members should be included for the cards right? Because they are missing completly. The idMembers property is there but not the full names of the Members. Am I doing something wrong? Is my request missing something?

Thanks for your help in advance!

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Hello @Chief

Can you provide a link to the section of the Trello REST API documentation where it describes the Get a board endpoint supporting the parameters card_fields, card_members and card_member_fields.

Hi there!
thanks for your reply. I found the documentation at this place:

In the yellow box it is stated: " If your route looks like 1/boards/{boardId}?cards you’re in the right spot! The parameters directly below are available to you."