Board dropdown menu

Hey all,

I am trying to create a dropdown button next to the board button. I have been following this tutorial However, the second web-item is not being drawn when I click on the dropdown. Here is my code:

<web-section key="my_links_section" location="my_links_link" weight="10"/>
    <web-item key="my_links_link" section="" weight="47">
        <label key="boardbutton.label" />
        <link linkId="my_links_link"></link>
    <web-item key="board-link" section="my_links_link/my_links_section" weight="10">
        <label key="boardbutton.sublabel" />
        <link linkId="board-link">/plugins/servlet/main-page?boardId=${}</link>

What is going wrong? Do I need to create a velocity template to draw the dropdown? Do I need a web-panel?