Board settings missing

I am in the new Jira experience and originally created an Agility board. I now want to change that board to a Kanban board but the “more,” “settings” or “…” is missing from the board. Does anyone have a solution? Thank you!!

Hi @michelle.rea,

Thanks for trying out agility board. After testing it myself, it seems that it does not have that functionality as of yet. Kindly check the suggested workaround on this existing suggestion for now.


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It’s been almost a year and this base functionality hasn’t been added yet?

I hope you’ve figured this out already. But if you’re still waiting, I just found it. So it is no longer across the top with the “Projects”, “Filters”, “Dashboards”… but if you are in any project you have along the left side, right under the project name, you have a selected board. You can click that to change boards or create a new board. From there the three dots on the right side should give you “Board Settings” as your first option.

Just created a new Kanban board, but the … menu only shows ‘Manage workflow’. I cannot find Board Settings anywhere. Can you point me in the right direction?

It appears the ‘…’ menu does not provide anything beyond ‘manage workflow’, by design. Can someone verify that?

Hello @iragudo
I still see this problem that only ‘manage workflow’ displays there.
I want to access the board settings to change the Estimation Statistics from Story points to hours. but there is no such option there. mentioning that i have a scrum board.

Could you please assist on this?

Welcome to the Atlassian Developer Community, @AminMohammadZahedi.

I tried creating a new software project and a scrum board now and was able to see Board settings among other options (see image below).

What type of project did you use - was it team-managed or company-managed? If team-managed, then that might explain the level of configuration you have.

As this question is more on product use and configuration (and not on API use and integration), feel free to reach out to the folks in Atlassian Community as they might have more information about it and help you better.