Bonus time: Atlas Camp Call for Speakers Deadline extended

Hey everyone,

Yesterday was the deadline for you to submit your talk proposals for Atlas Camp. We have 198 talk submissions (49 of which are non-Atlassians).

So far this has been the highest number of submissions for talks ever for an Atlas Camp.

However, we are still extending the deadline for talk submissions until Thursday July 11, 23:59 GMT+2.

Ralph, why are you extending when you have almost 200 talk submissions? Great question.

We still have a few talks we’d like to see submitted internally from Atlassians specifically for the Atlassian Platform track. So we’re keeping it open to allow some more Atlassians time to submit.

Since we’re keeping it open we’d love to have more non-Atlassians submit. So use this extra time to get those last minute ideas in. Remember if you’re selected to speak your Atlas Camp ticket is free.

Remember you can find the Call for Speakers form on the Atlas Camp event site. And as a reminder we have 4 tracks this year:

  • Atlassian Platform for Developers
  • Advanced App Development
  • Code and Beyond
  • Experience Design and Performance

You can read more about the Atlas Camp Call for Speakers process and more about the tracks on the Call for Speakers submission site .

Check out the Developer Blog to learn more about the topics our track leads are looking for.

We will be picking talks/speakers next week.

Ralph Whitbeck
Atlas Camp Content Lead


Ohh yeah , @Maarten, @sopel and me really want some more input from the Atlassian developer and vendor community. Keep them submissions coming!