Breaking changes to the JSD experimental Java API

JIRA Service Desk has a number of elements of its API which are currently defined as experimental but that is about to change. With the upcoming JIRA Service Desk 3.9.0 release, a number of the methods in our API will be moving out of the experimental state and into standard public API state. For most of these components the API will remain unchanged, but for some there will be adjustments which will represent a breaking change.

The breaking changes that we’re introducing are only in our experimental API and are relatively minor. They revolve around changes to IDs that will be updated to return integer values rather than longs. This helps us internally to align with the values that we store in the JIRA database. The changes stop us from having to do a lot of unnecessary type conversion.

There are also some previously deprecated components that have now been removed. We have done this prior to moving the API out of experimental state, so that going forward we will only support the recommended method.

Rather than list out all the changes here I’d urge you to take a look at the preparing for JIRA 7.6 notes. This page provides a more indepth look at the changes we are making. Alternately, check the Javadoc once JIRA 7.6.0 and JIRA Service Desk 3.9.0 is released.

As there will be breaking changes from the existing API, we have put together an EAP release for developers, to start testing and validating any changes that may be required to support JIRA Service Desk 3.9.0. This can be found at EAP Downloads.


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