Broken Allow access screen in forge

I am trying to create a forge app with “Jira admin page” custom UI template, but after adding a scope, the allow access screen seems to be broken. My plugin’s frontend is visible in a small iframe right below the “allow access” prompt.

The “Loading” text visible is part of frontend, which didn’t used to be visible earlier.

Is this expected behavior of the plugin or an error?
my forge version is 6.16.0

Hi shruti,

I’ve brought this up with the team owning custom UI to see what they think of it.

Hopefully we’ll get a response soon.

Hi @shruti,

Apologies for the delay, we have raised this issue with the corresponding team but have not heard back from them.

I have raised this FRGE-1268 ticket so that this issue is recorded and prioritised accordingly.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Hi @CameliaGao
Thank for creating the ticket, but I can’t seem to access it.
Can you add me to this this ticket?

Hi @shruti,

If you are redirected to the Jira Service Management page when opening the ticket (like in this screenshot), try to open the FRGE-1268 link in an incognito tab or after logging out from the current browser on the site.

That should do the trick.



Hi @ccurti
Thanks for the tip, I can now view the ticket in incognito!

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Hi @JoshuaHwang , @CameliaGao ,
It seems like fixing this might take some time. Is there any temporary fix i could use?

Is there any API through which i could see if the user has given plugin the access or not. I tried to look for it but couldn’t find anything.

Hi again!

Unfortunately not. We don’t provide an API to gather this information.
We know the problem and are working on the fix however.