Bug?! Custom merge check requires WRITE permission

We are developing a Forge app and would like to implement a Custom merge check in Bitbucket Cloud.
We configured the following module in the manifest:

    - key: bcpc-merge-check
      function: merge-check
      name: Better Commit Policy Merge Check
        - on-code-pushed
        - on-merge

It works well in most cases, however we noticed that we must have WRITE permission on the repository in order to work properly. With READ permission, the UI loads forever and the Forge function won’t be invoked.:warning:
As soon as we add WRITE permission instead of READ, it works as expected.

(We don’t think that custom merge checks should require WRITE permission. But even if it were, the UI still doesn’t handle it properly, so it’s definitely a bug.)

This prevents us from using custom merge checks in production.

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