[BUG] Webhook action deleteCard not invoke

I found some problem with Webhook action.
I create a Webhook for my card, callback url and it is work fine. I get request when I change any field in the card. But when I delete card (archive action is ok) I don’t get a request from Trello by action type deleteCard. In the past when I delete a card, webhook invoked on Trello send to my app request by POST method.
When I delete card, webhook is not deleted for this card but before was deleted.
Is some thinks change?

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Is this happening for you in production?

I’ve just noticed that my webhooks are not being consistently called in Jira suddenly.

Are you finding your webhook is called sometimes but other times?

Mine appear to be inconsistent.

My webhook are called normally for other action but when I delete card then Trello not called webhook and Trello don’t send information about deleted card to my callback url.