Build Jira Seraph Authenticator as plugin

Hi all.
I would like to know if it is possible to develop a jira plugin that provide a custom seraph authenticator.
I already have the code working in a JIRA build from source version, but I want to remove all possible customizations and use a standalone version.

Anyone already have the same requirement and how you pass it?

Did you find any solution? I see many paid plugin providing the same hence there must be some approach to place custom seraph authenticator as plugin.
But I am unable to find how.

Hi @shivam.srivastava.

Until now, I do not have any other information. Anyone that can help with that?


Hi @barbosa.s.alexandre,

I am not quite sure, if this is still correct, as it had been some time since I took a look at the Seraph topic. From my understanding, a custom seraph authenticator can’t be deployed as a normal P2 plugin. Especially because you have to register and configure it in the seraph-config.xml file, which is part of the base system.

A lot of authentication-related paid plugins on the marketplace use a “simple” servlet filter instead of a custom Seraph authenticator.


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