Build Jira WAR from latest version 8.6.1

Dear Atlassians,

We are preparing for upgrade to the latest version of jira, and our Jira is contains some customization, for which we build WAR file.

When we try to build jira 8.6.1 ear file, build fails on frontend features plugin build. The following error is thrown:

Running ‘yarn test’
[INFO] yarn run v1.13.0
[INFO] $ jest
[INFO] No tests found, exiting with code 1
[INFO] Run with --passWithNoTests to exit with code 0
[INFO] 164 files checked.
[INFO] testMatch:
…/j/jira/jira-project/jira-components/jira-plugins/jira-frontend-plugin/src/main/frontend-features//tests/\(*.)+(unit).js - 0 matches
[INFO] testPathIgnorePatterns: \node_modules

  • 164 matches
    [INFO] testRegex: - 0 matches
    [INFO] Pattern: - 0 matches
    [ERROR] error Command failed with exit code 1.

Can you please help us to determine what is the cause for this error?