Building a Confluence macro: 500 errors when retrieving macro header or definition

When I try to insert a macro I’m building, I keep getting 500 errors when trying to retrieve the macro definition (/wiki/plugins/servlet/confluence/placeholder/macro?definition=e2J1…). This is with a bodyType: none

When I change it to bodyType: plain-text, instead, the macro-header request 500s.

How can I gain access to the Confluence application logs to debug this?

Here is my atlassian-connect.json

  "key": "confluence-helloworld-addon",
  "name": "Hello World",
  "description": "My very first add-on",
  "vendor": {
    "name": "Angry Nerds",
    "url": ""
  "baseUrl": "{{localBaseUrl}}",
  "links": {
    "self": "{{localBaseUrl}}/atlassian-connect.json",
    "homepage": "{{localBaseUrl}}/atlassian-connect.json"
  "authentication": {
    "type": "jwt"
  "lifecycle": {
    "installed": "/installed"
  "scopes": ["READ"],
  "modules": {
    "staticContentMacros": [
        "renderingMethod": "get",
        "url": "/button-link?buttonText={text}&buttonUrl={url}",
        "description": {
          "value": "Add a button link"
        "icon": {
          "width": 80,
          "height": 80,
          "url": "/images/button-icon.svg"
        "bodyType": "none",
        "outputType": "block",
        "featured": true,
        "name": {
          "value": "Button Link"
        "key": "button-link"

Could it be due to a changing ngrok address?

Is there an error message in the 500 response? Even so, that seems like a mistake and probably a bug.

Hey Rob :slight_smile:

The 500 response is HTML “Oops - an error has occurred - Confluence” error page.

Hey @rmassaioli ,

Any idea if development works with the free version of ngrok (i.e. with random hostname on restart). I see that after restarting my connect server, that Confluence continues to load static resources from the old ngrok url and therefore 404s.

Is there anyway to gain access to the logs to debug why it’s 500’ing?