Building an addon to enable rich text editor in Service Desk portal fields

I’m looking into options for adding rich text to the customer form of a Service Desk form. I’m new to addon development and getting familiar with the process.

The functionality of Jira’s rich text editor that’s used on fields such as the description would be sufficient for me. I’d like to add this same component to the customer portal for users. Something that can give a WYSIWYG editor which converts to wiki markup.

My target Jira version for this addon is 7.3.8 . I’ve browsed the Jira source code and it appears the class AtlassianWikiRenderer may be used to build this component.

There’s also other files which may be related in the source paths

I understand this component is built into Jira and extracting this into a plugin to enable it to work in Jira Service Desk portal may not be straightforward. Does anyone have any guidance on how to do this? I would think what’s needed is something which can load the JavaScript, CSS, and perhaps Java classes which supports rendering the rich text WYSIWYG input to wiki markup. Perhaps this could be entirely JavaScript, but so far it does not appear that is how Atlassian’s implementation of the rich text editor works.

In summary, I want to extract Atlassian’s WYSIWYG rich text to wiki-markup editor and make it available in the Service Desk portal.

something bad happened with the solution in last version:


> .... package does not exist