Building Jira & Confluence Server (DC) artifacts on a Mac with Apple M chip


I have questions about building Jira & Confluence Server (DC) apps for publishing on the Marketplace.

  1. Can I build Jira & Confluence Server (DC) artifacts on a Mac with an Apple M chip?
  2. Can we publish such builds on the Marketplace?
  3. What Java vendor can we use? As far as I see, OpenJDK is unavailable for Apple M chips.
  1. Yes you can build artifacts on Macs with Apple Silicon Chip
  2. I haven’t tested it myself, but if you can build it, why wouldn’t the Marketplace upload work?
  3. I use Temurin on my Mac.
    Simply install it with Homebrew:
    brew install --cask temurin
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Hi @becker

  1. As @dom.b wrote above, you can use M* chips to build DC applications without any problems
  2. Yes, you can release applications on the M* chip to Atlassian Marketplace (everything I release is compiled on the M* chip)
  3. I personally use Azul Zulu OpenJDK (does not require brew installation)