I’m trying to update a plugin which was originally written for Bamboo 5.15.0, and build it for Bamboo 6.5.1.

The plugin seems to build fine with ‘atlas-mvn package’. However, it causes build plans that use the plugin to fail. They keep running forever. Attempts to stop these builds through the web UI result in an error, so every time a build gets stuck with this plugin, I log in to the GNU/Linux server to stop Bamboo and then start it up again.

I’ve narrowed the offending code to a line that makes a call to the BuildLogger.stopStreamingBuildLogs() method.

If I comment out the line, the build plans don’t fail, but the plugin becomes useless, because we’re relying on that method to let us write the build logs to a file as an artifact.

What can I do to figure out what causes build plans to never stop and never produce any output when the plugin calls stopStreamingBuildLogs()?