Bulk operation in attachments content

A customer migrated its Confluence server and needed to change the FQDN of the instance.

In the current version of our Balsamiq plugin for Confluence you can link to some images attached to the wiki page.
Unfortunately the images are linked using the full url (i.e. the links are now broken because they contain the old domain name of the server).

One possible solution of the problem is help the customer to replace the old URL with the new one by updating the attachment data in the database.

Is there a tool that the customer can use in order to do this operation? In case it can be done only manually, which table does contain the attachment content?

Thanks for the help

Hey Salvatore,

A long time ago I did that kind of migration regularly (when I was working for a Solution Partner).
The way we solved these problems was by replacing the old url with the new url in the XML export before importing it into the new Confluence instance.

It might be worth a try.