Bull import/ update jira issues from CSV (or Excel)

Hi guys,

I don’t have much programming knowledge and need your help urgently.

I would like to automate the import and update of jira issues from a csv via the rest api.

I have already found a lot of information about single imports and the like, but I need help with my requirement.

How can I go about this, or have any of you already done the same and could provide/support me with the code?

I would be very grateful!

Kind regards,

@Reecewalker welcome to the Atlassian developer community.

Did you already know there is a built-in import for CSV? There are also Marketplace Apps that Atlassian has built for integration with Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. And there are dozens of other options in Marketplace. Would any of those work so you don’t need programming knowledge? If none of those fit, could you explain a little more what you are trying to accomplish?

I have written Python to get data into Jira before. I think it would be quite hard to code something as “all purpose” as those Apps because Jira has so many custom field types, each with quirks about how to map to simple columns with text or numbers. So even if none of the above options fit, comparison to existing options would help get you better advice.

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