Butler Flags Error but Command Log shows successful completion

Had been using Butler Http Requests on my boards. This might be the first time to use it on a card button.

There are two actions : (1) a HTTP Request (2) write a comment using the output from the http request. From the command log, the expected httpresponse variable is shown and the comment was written successful to the card.

Command Log shows no error but Butler flags a error at the top right corner giving instructs to check the command log.

Can anyone provide more guidance on how to figure out what is the error ?

Hey @SGiAdmin,

thanks for flagging this.

The command error notifications are a new feature we’re in the process of rolling out, but they are only supposed to be sent if there’s an error in the command log.

Can you raise a support request, so we can properly investigate this, please?


@fhaehnel I am not familiar with the process. Please advise. Thanks

@SGiAdmin - go to Contact Support | Trello and click on “Ask Trello Support”.

Put “Butler Command Error Notification Issue” into the summary, and I’ll look out for the ticket.
In support requests I can get some more info about your account, than I can in this public forum, which helps when investigating issues like these. :slight_smile:


Done Trello-32127 and I used the notification to attach the screen shoots back.