C# -Error-to-Defect Automation in Jira from API

Hello can someone help me with this?
I’m trying to develop a service that on the API when looking for a specific order and is failed can allowed the user to trigger a issue/defect with all the Custom Fields mandatory in Jira . This service will be implemented in Csharp , useing a restAPI.This are the mandatory criteria

Integration Plan: Develop a clear integration plan detailing how API and JIRA will work together, ensuring a smooth flow of data and information.

Data Flow: Define the data flow between BAPI and JIRA, specifying what information will be shared and how it will be synchronized.

Error-to-Defect Automation: Implement a mechanism that, whenever an error is encountered in the API, an automatic defect is created in JIRA, including essential information about the error source and timestamp.

Link in API: Ensure that a clickable link to the newly created JIRA defect is provided within the BRAIN program, allowing users to access and track the defect effortlessly.

Authentication type for the service OAuth
Creating a Service and Controller for all the criteria mention

If I understood you correctly, you have an API that will scan some external system for errors. And, your goal is to update/create a Jira ticket whenever there is an error detected. Am I correct?

Assuming it is…
If it is a single-direction sync, from BAPI to Jira. Then, I suppose the service you implement can simply call the Create Issue API to get the job done.

Say if this is a bi-directional, then you should consider implementing some webhook to listen for the change.