Cache data with Forge

Hi there,

is there a way to use “cache”? When user load my plugin, I need to load all projects, users, user groups and some more data. Which take few seconds get data and than send it to FE. Normally i would handle this by caching data, is there a way in Forge to do something similar?

Thank you

We don’t have a dedicated cache for use yet.

For now you could store this cache information in the provided Forge storage, I expect it would be faster then numerous fetches to other areas of our infrastructure.

Thank you for answer.

Additional info from me:

  1. One storage.get request(from ‘@forge/api’) lasts about 600-900 milliseconds in my tests.
  2. JQL query takes the same time (600-900).
  3. properties (from ‘@forge/api’) lasts about 300-400 milliseconds. I don’t know why, but it’s faster. And properties are public for everybody.
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