Calculate lead time of initiative

hi team,

i want to calculate lead time of initiative till current day according to my jira workflow(as attached) . but i am not expert at it. could you help on it. e.g., if status is “in progress” in current day, the lead time is between status change to " in progress" to current day. and so on.
and i have a plugin named “Eazybi”. you can also try with that. thanks.

Hello @odamao,
The data to calculate what you are looking for is available in each issue’s history but it is the raw changelog data and you’ll need to make some calculations based on it.

You can get the raw data using REST API:

If you are interested in getting the ready-calculated values, our team at OBSS built Time in Status app for this. Time in Status also has a REST API which can give you those ready-calculated values.


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Hi Emre,

Thanks for your reply. After checked, it seems below app may works for me.

To make the function of the app more clear, please help advise:


Basically, Time in Status by OBSS produces reports that show how much time each issue spent on each status, each assignee, or each user group.

It is possible to group statuses into consolidated columns to see metrics like Response Time, Cycle Time, Lead Time, etc.

You can get averages or sums of those durations grouped by issue fields you select (for example, average InProgress time grouped by issue type and month)

These reports are available in Time in Status main reporting page, dashboard gadgets, an issue view screen tab, and REST API. You can also export the data as XLS, XLSX, or CSV.

You can find more details about the app in our video training series:

I would be happy to help if you have specific questions. You can also reach our support team via

Hi team,

One more question:

In my jira, the workflow as below, if activity “on hold” and “in progress” again, “ in progress” will show at least twice in this situation, is that possible to calculate lead time that deduct the duration of “on hold”?


hi team,

could you help answer my question? thanks .